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2nd March, 2020

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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • 200+ Hours of Learning
  • Advanced Syllabus as per industry requirement
  • Behance Portfolio - 3 Projects
  • Mockup Interviews
  • 100% Placement Guaranteed Assistance
  • Industry Specific Assignments
  • Social Media Marketing Post
  • Website Design and Mobile Application Design
  • Resume Writing

Tools Covered - Design





Digital Prototype & Motion Graphics


Invision Studio

Adobe XD

After Effects


Midas Multimedia offer course in UX and UI Designing. The course is designed in such a manner that the student will get industry based training, certification and 100% placement assistance from Midas Multimedia. lets have a look of our syllabus.

  • The characteristics of user experience design, usability, and user centred design
    The factors that influence interface design, and how to balance these requirements
  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • The design streams that impact interface design, and design techniques from each stream:
  • Information Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • How branding is an important part of user experience
  • The importance of accessibility online
  • The importance of knowing your users and:
    1. What you need to know
    2. How to learn about them
    3. How to communicate your findings

Key usability evaluation techniques, including:

  1. Walkthroughs
  2. Usability testing
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Designing Website
  5. Website App
  6. Mobile App in Scientific and Artistic Manner

We will also help you to create UX portfolio and placement assistance, this course train you theoretically and practically


Introduction to UX Brief History about UX Design, The origins of UX Design, and how the principals of UX can be applied
Modern Day UX
Understanding Software as a Physical Building

Core of the field

  • Objectives and ROI
  • Obsess on user
  • Difference between UI/UX
  • Guiding Principles
  • User Research Methods
  • Illustrating the Context of Use Measuring Usability Interaction Design

  • Visual Design Principles
  • Elements of design
  • Visual Weight and Depth Typography
  • Color
  • Repetition and Patterns
  • Alignment and Proximity
  • Tools and Software used in Visual Design

Usability Evaluation
Information Architecture (IA)

  • What is IA (Information Architecture)
  • Common skills that information architects use
  • The card sort activity
  • Real World IA Examples

Introduction to UCA

  • Process of discovering
  • Collecting data
  • Mental models
  • Knowing how the user works
  • UCA vs UT
  • UCA Techniques
  • ROI—justifying the right process

Exercise: Calculate ROI

Creating a Design Strategy

  • Business Goals
  •  Target users
  • General Taks
  • Technological constraints
  • Marketing and Branding Goals
  • Critical success factors

Exercise: Develop a design strategy

Profiles and Personas  

  • Profiles and Personas
  • User groups
  • User Profiles
  • Task Profiles
  • Environmental Profiles
  • Personas

User Centric Design

  • Scientific models in user-centered design (UCD)
  • Definition of UCD
  • Characteristics of usable designs
  • UCD Benefit

Design Patterns and Navigation

  • Characteristics of usable navigation
  • Primary navigation systems
    1. Hierarchical models
    2. Persistent design systems
    3. Sequential navigation
    4. Search
    5. Supplemental navigation
    6. Index
    7. Breadcrumbs
    8. Quick links › Multiple systems navigation design

Exercise: Select appropriate navigation models


  • Visual-cognitive processing
  • Eye movement and eye tracking
  • Gestalt principles of visual design
  • Layout Exercise:
    • Evaluate and redesign a cluttered screen
    • Color
    • Graphics
    • Text


  • Printed vs. digital content 
  • Writing for clarity
    • Writing style
    • Word choice
    • Mechanics
    • Methods that facilitate scanning Writers’ pyramid
    • Headings, bulleted and numbered lists


  • Factors that influence interaction design
  • User interface controls
  • Data entry and selection
  • Navigation and action
  • Multi-function controls

Exercise: Selecting appropriate UI Controls


  • Error handling and prevention
  • Feedback
  • Exercise: Design an effective feedback message

Screen Elements and Wireframing

  • Screen elements
  • Wireframing
  • Low fidelity
  • High-fidelity
  • Effective prototyping strategies

Exercise: Build a paper wireframe


  • Why design for accessibility
  •  Types of disabilities
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Assistive technologies
  • Accessibility laws
  • Accessibility guidelines
    • Section 508 Guidelines
    • Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
    • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Exercise: Conduct the site review for accessibility.


  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Multicultural considerations
  • Internationalization design process and usability testing



  • Why Test Usability
  • Usability testing is an essential form of feedback
  • Why even good designers get it wrong the first time
  • Benefits of testing early and often

Exercise: Conduct the usability test on website.

Usability Test

  • Types of usability tests
  • Summative vs. formative tests
  • How to formulate a solid test strategy 
  • The right number of participants
  • Writing tasks for a usability test
  • Overview of the testing process
    • Planning
    • Conducting
    • Analyzing
    • Sharing & implementing result

Early Prototype Testing

  • What can you gain from an early prototype test 
  • Purpose and advantages of prototypes
  • Reverse card-sort technique 
  • Performance-based testing
  • Testing the brand and affordance

Exercise : Hands - on exercise performing an early prototype test

Exercise : Visual affordance test
Exercise : Brand design test Exercise : Reverse card sort.

Advanced Prototype Testing

  • What can you gain from an early prototype test 
  •  Setting usability criteria and performance metrics  
  • Using performance rating instruments planning

Exercise : Hands - on exercise performing an advanced prototype test.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Capturing session data
  • Compiling and tabulating data
  • Analyzing findings
  • Creating recommendations
  • Presenting data
  • Techniques to convince

Exercise : Prioritize test findings

Remote Testing

  • When to do remote testing
  • Major obstacles to overcome
  • Real benefits
  • Available online tools
  • Exercise : Performing un moderated and moderated remote tests

Comparative Studies

  • Purpose of comparison studies
  • Overview of how to conduct a within-subjects and between subjects comparison study
  • How to analyze results from a comparison study

Live Site Analysis

  • How to make the most out of Web logs and server data
  • Taking advantage of direct user feedbac

Refining your technique

  • Enhancing your moderating techniques
  • Responding to difficult testing situations
  • What makes a good moderator

Exercise : Rewriting probing usability testing questions

Midas Touch

Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Product Managment

  • Learning Support
  • Doubt Resolution
  • Placement
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders help you along the way to resolve any subject matter-related queries
  • They grade your assignments and share one-on-one feedback
  • Timely doubt resolution by industry experts and peers
  • 100% expert verified responses to ensure quality learning
  • We have 100% placement assistance
  • We have already placed thousands of students in leading companies


Duration - 5 Months

55000 - ₹49999

You can also pay in EMI of ₹10,000/month – 5 EMI’s (Inclusive of all taxes) You can also pay in EMI of ₹10,833/month (Inclusive of all taxes)

What's Included in the Fees

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Portfolio on Behance
  • Your own website
  • Dedicated student support to all your queries
  • Expert instructors
  • Updated syllabus
  • Latest softwares

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